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Everybody is aware of all the massive names in music, from Drake to Snoop Dogg, and everyone else in between. We also know that they are making thousands and thousands of dollars (or at the very least assume that they're making thousands and thousands of dollars) off of their music. But does anyone really stop to learn the names of their producers, the people in the back room developing with all of our favourite beats to our favourite songs?

For a second, let's just think about what precisely makes us want to even take heed to a song. Just imagine you placed on a CD and also you hear some really annoying high pitch bells and a lame bass line. Your finger can't help itself, it hits skip on the stereo before you'll be able to even process what has happened. Next track comes on, now you hear a really good piano melody, next some chimes, and at last the beat begins to come together because the bass kicks in and now you're listening to the hook of the song. Why did not you skip it? I am going to tell you. Because the beat stored you listening. You see, the very first thing we hear (often) is the beat and straight away we decide if we wish to give the music an opportunity or not. This is among the MANY reasons why it's so important for a music artist to spend money on some high quality hip hop beats. I am not saying the lyrics aren't important, what I am saying is that the beat or the producer for that matter shouldn't be taken for granted.

OK we get it, hip hop beats are essential, but why should artists pay for them after they could find free hip hop instrumentals beats virtually all over the place on-line? Nicely to start it off, hip hop beats aren't very expensive. You would discover hip hop beats for sale at very reasonable prices. Actually most producers online set their prices in order that your average underneathground artist could afford them. On average you may only be paying round $20 - $30 for a fundamental lease and perhaps anyplace from $one hundred - $500 for exclusive rights. In case you take a look at these big artists, they're making thousands if not hundreds of thousands of dollars off their music, when the producer is making pennies. So if you are going to be making more than $20 it is only right that you simply at the least pay the producer for his hard work right? Well most people do not think that manner, they nonetheless proceed to blow up producers inboxes with messages like "hook it up with some free beats", or "let's collab" which is just a nicer option to say I do not want to pay you in your hip hop beats. Another factor numerous unsigned artists love to do is take beats from YouTube or other social media platforms without the producers consent. This is not only hard on the producer however it is also hard on you when you make some huge cash with the song. Let's just say you took a beat from YouTube and decided to file on it. Now your track is getting lots more performs than you thought it would, and document labels are hitting you up left and right. You get signed and your label needs to advertise your song. Now you are within the cash proper? Nicely you would have been if you owned the rights to the beat that you just recorded on, but you did not pay for it, meaning that your music and all the money you've made off of it actually belongs to the producer who's beat you took within the first place. Now all he has to do is prove that he made the beat, and show that you have no type of authorized rights to make use of it.

Have you ever ever heard Lil John's hit music "Turn Down For What"? I am sure you have being that the track grew to become the seventh finest-promoting tune of 2014 within the US with 3,449,000 copies sold for the year. Well in case you have heard the music then you need to know that there is not a complete lot of lyrics on it. It is basically a really catchy beat with the phrase "flip down for what" sprinkled by means of it. That is the right instance of how highly effective a beat might be. "I only listen to the song because of the beat" what number of instances have you ever heard your pals say this? What number of times have you ever stated it? Beats are extremely essential to hip hop music, properly to music in general!

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